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Selecting the Best Dry Erase Board

How you use the dry erase board will determine the type you should purchase for the classroom plus every dry erase board has its own unique features. The classroom teacher will need a different dry erase board compared to one that is used at home.

Most of the teachers will prefer heavy duty dry boards so that they are mounted on the wall plus they will not fall down easily. There are different types of surfaces used to create the dry erase board like laminate, melamine, porcelain but the best are laminate, porcelain and glass since they are scratch and stain resistant.

How to Choose the Best Dry Erase Board
Before buying the dry erase board, make sure you have clear details of where you can find its accessories like markers and erasers. You can purchase the best dry erase cleaning solution so that those things will not step on your dry erase board. People normally have access to different sizes of the dry erase board so it’s not hard to find what you need.

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Board Surface
When you choose melamine dry erase boards, you really have to regularly maintain it because it has a short lifespan though they are cheap. If you want porcelain surface then you should know it varies when it comes to ink resistance due to the enamel surface. Dry erase surfaces made of tempered glass are long lasting but people should not use them for presentations or if they want to take pictures.

If you want a whiteboard for long-lasting solutions then the wall mounted whiteboards are suitable since the teacher can move around the class and pupils can easily see the board. The mobile whiteboard normally take up too much space but are ideal when teachers want to write in different areas of the classroom and you can get those which are reversible. The online store will make sure they have successfully the dry erase board to the school which makes it convenient for them.

The non-permanent markers are the best for people who are affected by strong chemical odors which most of them have. It is mandatory that the writings on the dry erase boards are completely wiped off before usage so that students can read plus using melamine foam sponge and paper towels will make things easy. Making sure the online store offers a guarantee for the dry erase boards are important plus you should ensure they will be easy to carry through the school though you can order for one with two sections.

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