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Facts That You Need To Know When Purchasing The XL Blue Nose Pitbull

It is a common trend for the pet lovers to select the pup breeds that have unique colors and features. Every pet lover wants to have a blue nose pitbull because of their striking body color and their nose that makes them attractive. Here are the details that can assist you to select the best breed of the pitbull during the purchase.

The Blue in the Nose and the Coating Is the Recessive Gene

The blue color that appears in the blue nose pitbull is unique and rare due to the various reasons. The recessive gene in most of the pitbull is the blue coloring which is hard to come by. Since it is difficult to produce the blue nose pitbull, some of the leading breeders are notorious for inbreeding the pitbull puppies which is unhealthy.

There Is No Pure Breed Blue Nose Pitbull

The blue nose pitbull comes from the American Pitbull Terriers and are not a separate breed. You will, therefore, notice that the blue nose and the Pitbull terriers share same traits and attributes. It is common to find some pure breeds of the American Pitbull Terriers having the blue nose and you should not purchase them thinking that it is the bluenose Pitbull.

They Are Pricey

You should be prepared to spend when you want to rear the blue nose pitbull. The prices of these breeds have already reached the one thousand dollar mark and the prices will rise more due to their popularity. you will spend more to acquire these breeds because of the rare blue colors that they spot.

The Blue Color Comes with the Health Problems

These types of the pitbull category suffer mostly from the skin ailments and various allergies. The health problems can be severe especially when there is inbreeding and you have to ensure that the breeders observe the safety standards of the breeding.

You Will Enjoy the Company of the Blue Nose

Good coaching to the blue nose pups ensures that they are able to stay happily with your kids and any human. The fully grown blue nose dog will not have an issue with the interaction to humans and they are perfect dogs for the cuddling. Their friendliness do not make the best dog to guard your property.

With the rising popularity of the blue nose pups, most of the breeders have decided to use the wrong ways of breeding them. You should get your pups to form the leading breeders who are reputable and known to follow the right ways of the breeding. You will have wonderful times with the blue nose especially when you dedicated time to it and give it the appropriate training.

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