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Treatment Plans for Erectile Dysfunction

Where a man is not able to maintain an erection during their times of intercourse, then the condition that they may be probably be suffering from is that commonly referred to as ED, or Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, which is a condition that affects men in all ages, both the young and the old, often has a lot of psychological effects on the man’s health as it affects their self confidence and levels of self esteem. In as much as the condition has for a long time been associated and considered to be a natural consequence of aging or some kind of other mental problems of distress, today doctors know for sure that this problem has more links with the physical problems and not as much with the psyche of the patient and as such there is enough proof that men can actually lead normal sexual life without suffering from ED, irrespective of the age one is in. What we will see next will be what signs are there which will qualify an erection problem as an erectile dysfunction and as such make such a condition to be treated as an erectile dysfunction condition by a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction, ED, is majorly characterized by the inability of a man to sustain their erection for more than 25% of the times of intercourse, then they will be generally considered to be suffering from an erectile dysfunction. There are quite a number of the causes and effects of erectile dysfunction such as the fact that it has for long been associated with physical and medical origin and this is even over and above the fact that it has been associated with psychological factors such as depression, anxiety and those problems that may be there with the relationships. The common medical causes of the conditions are such as heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, spinal and pelvic operations, Parkinson’s disease and multiple atherosclerosis, among many others. The drug abusers, alcoholics and smokers as well are at a great risk of suffering from this particular condition, erectile dysfunction. As many as the causes of the condition, as well are the treatment options for the condition. These range from the psychological counseling by professionals, surgeries, medications and the use of some mechanical devices. Your choice of the treatment option will be mainly influenced by the seriousness of the condition and as well the cause behind the ailment.

The oral medications available for the treatment of ED are often in the form of the use of some of the drugs that contain Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, all which are generics and are in most cases marketed by most of the pharmaceutical companies under a variety of the brand names though they are all of the same molecule strain. The other sure alternative treatment for the cases of erectile dysfunction is the use of shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

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